Lime Odyssey M — Intro

ㆍLime Odyssey Prologue
The beginning of a star — which is forgotten now.
When the glorious fruit holds up the world, Under the brilliance of fruit, all the land was fertile and human was in bliss.
However, there’s darkness exposed in the shadow of the fruit,The fruit has dropped to the ground and the land of the goddess was divided into 4 parts.
The evil that seeped into the cracks of the continent stays in Nisis for a long time.
Gradually, the era of glory with the goddess was forgotten from human memory…
A thousand years later, One night, the pillars of light divide the thick clouds and reached the end of the sky. Fruit containing the glory of the goddess in the memory of silence like mist, People who remember the name of Lime appeared.

ㆍKey points _ Strategic play based on item options
1. Strategical play using the combination of various options.
2. Provides function that can change or combine item options.
3. Tactical play based on classified role and character compatibility.

ㆍKey points _ Provide diverse gameplay experience
1. Apply various battle methods for each content
2. Induce strategic gameplay by applying various attributes and compatibility for each content

ㆍKey points_: party-oriented real-time group battle
1. Enjoy real-time action RPG by forming a party with diverse mercenaries
2. Splendid group battle effect
3. Strategic battle utilized by the various attributes of mercenaries

Make a party with unique mercenaries and enjoy a real-time action RPG right now!




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Lime Odyssey M

Lime Odyssey M

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