Contents Summary


How to play
ㆍ The battle takes place as the route is set according to the scenario.
ㆍ A total of 24 chapters, 280 stages.
ㆍ Organize your own party with collected mercenaries.

ㆍ Clear all scenario stages.

ㆍ Various materials necessary to grow heroes and equipment.

World Boss

How to play
ㆍ ‘World Boss Battle’ which is a wave that monsters are continuously created over time.
ㆍ Take on various bosses in the event world held 3 times a day.

ㆍ Up to how many rounds of wave can withstand.
ㆍ Identify the characteristics of World Boss and organize suitable party.

ㆍ Soul stones to summon various mercenaries and pets.

Infinite Dungeon

How to play
ㆍ The battle is fought considering the various att of each floor.
ㆍ It is floor dungeons composed of ‘Infinite Tower’ (100th floor) and ‘Temple of the Moon’ (100th floor).

ㆍ Clear to the final floor of the two towers.
ㆍ Organize a party with mercenaries that fit the feature of each floor.

ㆍ Various skill cards to upgrade skills and attributes.

Raid Boss

How to play
ㆍ Multi-network content with up to 4 users participating.
ㆍ Different raid bosses appear depending on the day and time of the week.
ㆍ Open 3 times a day at set times. All 9 mercenaries are required to participate.

ㆍ Damage as much as possible against the same boss.

ㆍ Various special option stones and various runes.

Dual Battle

How to play
ㆍ PVP content to compete with other users.
ㆍ Win or lose is decided by party match in a two wins out of three system.
ㆍ Rewarded will be given by weekly ranking.

ㆍ1st place in the weekly ranking in Dual Battle.

ㆍ Materials that can awaken a weapon.

Dreaming Desert

How to play
ㆍ The mercenaries that can enter each stage are determined.
ㆍ Collect treasure chests from bosses up to the third floor.
ㆍ Clear the third floor to finally get the collected treasure chests.
(If you die on the way, you cannot get the collected treasure chest.)

ㆍ Clear the third floor, then win treasure chests.

ㆍ Optional stones that can be equipped on various equipment.




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